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UI Designer & UI Artist

Since the Game Flow had already been designed by the client, my responsibilities as a UI Designer and UI Artist were to design the layout for each screen and connect them via wireframes, make UI concepts and final quality assets, deliver the assets to the coders and assemble the interface in Unity.

In addition, I defined the art direction of the game (color, palette, shapes, art style, etc...) in collaboration with the Game Director, managed two 3D Artists to help them accomplish their tasks within a very tight schedule, and was also responsible for the final quality assurance of their work.


“It was a pleasure working with Miguel Angel. He is creative, result oriented and great advisor. He took the lead and helped manage the external art team. We will gladly work with him again.”

 Julio Hidalgo Delgado - Founder and CEO at Bliss Games

“(...) Miguel is a very passionate person with his UX work on any given project but also has a huge interest in the work made by the rest of the team. He takes a genuine interest into all aspects of the project with the goal of making the game a better product.


Recently we both had the opportunity to work together again, this time for Bliss Games, as remote freelancers. 

Miguel acted as my Art Manager during the production of assets. He made sure I always knew what needed worked on, provided concepts, gave feedback as and when i needed it and he gave clear Art Direction with his feedback via paintovers. The process was made very smooth due to his involvement.

Miguel is a true professional, his creativity, his knowledge of the art pipeline, his understanding of how games are made, even down to being friendly and approachable and always willing to help really make him stand out among others. I would recommend Miguel to any team and hope we get a chance to work on more projects together again in the future

Paul Banister - 3D Character Artist (Freelance)






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