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UX/UI Designer, UI Artist, Game Artist, Game Designer & Producer


This is a personal project which I created with the main intention of challenging my artistic skills by creating a strong and eye-catching look&feel; I also wanted to design an interface for a HD Screen since previously I had only developed games on low resolution handheld devices.

A-Band had many different references, which helped me to decide the art style: Street Art, Graphic Novels, Indie Rock and Pop Culture were my main sources.

“The best thing to say about the game is that the visual presentation is incredible...The art is unique and perfectly styled for the game, and is much better than anything that I’ve personally seen in the XBLIG marketplace and could compete with any commercial title in that department. The art is colorful, creative, and is by far the most impressive part of the game"

"...With that being said I absolutely loved the art style... It's quite impressive, and as an artist I have great respect for such talent."

"The graphics are pretty nifty. They had a pulp-noir look and feel to them...Which was pretty cool""

"The menus are well made with clean transitions and the art style invokes the Indie spirit"

"The whole game is very slick looking with the graphical style very easy on the eye. The menus are easy to work through..."



Promotional video

Game Menus (not final)

This video wasn't recorded from the release version of the game, but from a slightly earlier version.


Banners, sprites and an popups

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