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While I'm totally committed to my job, sometimes I feel I need to express my own creativity with no restrictions and no constrains but my own ability.




I have to admit I had quite a lot of fun drawing this concept. I am old enough to have nostalgic memories of Mazinger Z. I was wondering how it would feel to control one of these robots in a battle so I created this piece of art to give the impression that I was in the control cabin.

I used 'Punch Out Saga' and Samus' space suit as an inspiration. Everything looks a little retro. The interface is minimalist because the player only needs to visualise their energy level.



I tried to reduce the game flow into a single screen where the player can load game sessions and upgrade their car.

This design includes a map that allows the user to choose which race to play. It also includes their car collection so that they can choose multiple vehicles and purchase upgrades to improve the performance of their cars. By adding all these elements on the same screen, the whole game can be played on a single screen.

In terms of art, I focused on combining the look of the 70/80s from TV shows like Starsky & Hutch with black and white comics art style, plus a vivid palette.


PvP Arena



In a PVP Arena the player only needs to choose between attacking their enemy and defending themselves.


Monster Fusion

Fuse your monsters to level them up and defeat your enemies!


My goal was to reduce the process of fusing monsters to as few clicks as possible. This split design (Fuser Stream and monster container) allows the players to perform this fusing action simply by dragging & dropping.  The players can cancel their choice by performing the action backwards or by closing the menu. 


In terms of art I used 'Megaman' as a reference because I wanted the composition to look a little retro. A game from the the 80's / 90´s but with contemporary visuals.


Monster shop

Create your monster horde to keep your paradise safe from attacks!                    


The players can buy monsters using a shop menu with little ornamentation . By tapping on the info button the panel flips and shows information about the monster; and by tapping on the green buttons the player purchases monsters; and finally, by tapping on the icons at the bottom the player chooses the monster category.


Space battle

Battle at the edge of the Universe.


To be honest, this is my little Frankenstein. These pieces of art weren´t meant to be together. The motorbike dashboard, the 'Macross' starcraft, and the planet were all on different 'PSDs' doing nothing, so I thought: "what about combining them?" And I did.


It may not be the most impressive of space battles but I think I got a simple yet interesting action scene with a little bit of drama where the spacecraft suddenly turns up from nowhere. And most important of all, I recycled stuff.


Sweetness under the moon

The inspiration for this concept came about when I was thinking about my little niece.


I focused on getting a stylised and 'cosy' piece of art, very colorful and damn cute. I used complementary colors to create a surreal composition. It is a night-time scene even though it is a very bright picture.


The idea is for kids to solve easy puzzles while learning about friendship and team work.


Theme Park Builder

A menu where the player learns how to build structures on the map.

The rides are unlocked by increasing the Amusement Park level. By tapping on the hammer button the player loads the builder; by tapping on the flower button the player places plants, flowers, trees, bushes, etc., in the park; and by tapping on the pallet button the player opens the coloring tool, a bucket of paint which can be poured onto the buildings and rides.


The conquest has started

Conquer territories and grow your empire in a 24/7 strategy game. 


In this game players can expand their kingdoms by conquering other territories. 3D animated models interact with the map in order to get an immersive experience.

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