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Senior UX/UI Designer & UI Artist


My first F2P game, 'Angry Birds Go!', was an instant success, with more than 150 million downloads.


My key responsibility was to be the link between my company and the UX Department of our client. I established a visual style and kept it consistent with every new feature we implemented over two years of development. I promoted meaningful changes that made our UI more functional and accessible.

"Working with Miguel on Angry Birds Go! was a true pleasure. Miguel's skills, imagination and ability to dream via design are amazing. He's a very talented UI/UX artist and I'm lucky to say I had the opportunity to work with him"

Rosario Basilotta - Head of Game Design at The Workshop

"I worked with Miguel midway through the development of Angry Birds Go!, guiding the user experience and interface design from the game's soft launch forward. Miguel is a hard worker and exceptionally fast in iteration and execution, masters the fundamentals of user-centered design and, most importantly, really cares. He's capable of thinking outside of the box, and great company for sparring over ideas and concepts."

Martin Gimpl - Senior Interaction Designer at Rovio Entertainment Ltd



Promotional video

User Flows made with After effects

Videos made entirely with After Effects to communicate the Game Flow and the UX Vision to the Team.


The videos above were built up from smaller chunks like the ones bellow.


During the development of 'Angry Birds Go!' several UI iterations were created. The current version of the game may not match my concepts as the look of the UI has changed several times since the game was released.

Sprite sheet

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