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Senior UX/UI Designer

From the beginning, I realized that the approach to designing VR Games was slightly different from my previous projects. I modified my workflow to match VR UX needs in order to became a strong asset to the company, and a key member of the team. It was a valuable experience from which I learnt a lot.

As a Senior UX Designer I designed both the UX Strategy and UX Architecture; I produced all types of UX documentation such as feature descriptions, user flows, wireframes, interactive prototypes, etc. I presented the UXUI vision to the Creative Director and the Lead Game Designer and supported engineers to make sure that the UX vision was respected during its implementation.



Miguel is a very professional UX designer, we worked together on multiple projects and I learned a lot from him. I mostly admire his presentation and organizational skills. He was very helpful in every stage of the game production, answering questions in a timely manner, giving feedback, advice or support. He makes sure to understand what the client is looking for, who would be the target audience and how to work in the most effective way. He is pro-active about UX, created a lot of documentation and built a UX library for the company. As a person he is very friendly and easy to work with

Branka Hodinj - Lead UX Designer at Warner Bross Games

Unfortunately this project was discontinued.

All the content shown in this page belongs to several stages of the game development, therefore you can find several iterations and approaches I designed.



Flow Diagrams - VR Version - Holowatch Menus

Some examples of several Flow Diagrams I made to explain the UI architecture.

Radiochat v1.drawio.png

Wireframes - VR Version - Holowatch Device

The Holowatch was a holographic device attached to the user's wrist. It is presented as a communication tool to connect to friends and group members in the sensorium's World. It also allows users to have access to some key features without having go through more complex Menus.


For each individual feature I produced clean, specific and detailed documentation, this small extract might work as an example:


Wireframes - VR Version - Social Menu

Like in any other game, the social menu allowed the user to perform all the social actions such as edit their group, search for friends, add/remove/ban a user, etc.. The challenge was to condense a decent amount of information in a small panel.


Wireframes - VR Version - Settings

Just a settings screen, not much to add :)

Wir - Home.jpg
Wir - Display - Graphics 1.jpg

Concepts - PC Version

Even though my responsibilities were only design focused, I also helped to establish the UI Art Direction during its early steps: designed the UI Art Style Guide, produced all key UI concepts in collaboration with 2 UI artists, who I mentored; tracked their progress and duties and provided precise feedback to produce all UI assets, and finally I presented all this work to the Art director of the project.


Feedbacks & transitions

A couple of mock ups of UI feedbacks and game transitions designed under my supervision.

- Generic Popup that request an input from the user

- User picking up a call and adding a second user to the call using the Holowatch.

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