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Senior UX/UI Designer


My main responsibility was to define the UX architecture: define the visual language, colour code and interaction patterns; create all the key layouts for all the features of the game; and define the User Flow connecting screens via wireframes. I also created some UI concepts to help the Art Team define the look and feel of the UI; I delivered assets to coders and helped them to implement them in Unity.

My main achievement was to re-design a quite unfriendly UI and make it more intuitive and accessible by following industry standards.


“(...) Through his conceptional, creative and logical thinking, he found excellent solutions to all emerging problems (...) Even under great pressure he kept his grasp on the situation, acted thoughtfully and accomplished all tasks well (...) Mr. Lozano Aleman's approach to his work was always well planned, systematic and result oriented. He always worked dependably and very accurately. In all situations he achieved satisfactory results and met our expectations in the best possible manner”

 Tobias Severin - Executive Producer at Deep Silver FISHLABS

 (extract from "Certificate of Employment")

“(...) During this time I found Miguel to be a very talented and hardworking UI/UX Designer with extensive knowledge of UI design and games in general. But above all I got to really appreciate Miguels can-do attitude and his prowess to develop a vision and take it from concept to final implementation with great attention to detail and passion. All of the traits described above make Miguel a genuine pleasure to work with and a great asset for every company.”

 Christian Oberle - Lead Game Designer at Deep Silver FISHLABS




This video shows the FTUE which I designed together with the Lead Game Designer.

Trap System

This second video shows the trap system, all of which was designed by me. This was the most complex interactive feature in the game.

Enemy Notification System + Map

The arena was a big area impossible to fit on one single screen. The players had problems to identify where to go in the arena to defeat the enemies. I promoted a label system that, in combination with a small map, informed the players where to head to, even on big arenas.  

Tooltip system

Due to the complexity of the inner game mechanics of the game, I promoted the creation of a tooltip system to inform the player about any specific item he might wish to know about.

UI Art (Iterations)

Even though the UI Art wasn't my responsibility I supported the art team during the conceptualization and art style research process. I created a couple of UI iterations, keeping the same UX but re-skinning the Interface. I made a few sets of icons, buttons and popups. Unfortunately, this artwork wasn't included finally due to a change in the art direction of the game but I am glad that my work was useful and the Art Team finally found the right look & feel. These versions belong to the iPad version.

Iterations: Map

DeadIsland A - 01.jpg
DeadIsland B - 01.jpg

Iterations: Character Selection

DeadIsland A - 02.jpg
DeadIsland B - 03.jpg

Iterations: "Building" Upgrade

DeadIsland A - 03.jpg
DeadIsland B - 04.jpg

2 More examples

DeadIsland A - 04.jpg
DeadIsland B - 02.jpg
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