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UX/UI Designer, UI Artist & Game Designer


My first title for Nintendo Wii was a great experience. I designed the GDD, which included 25 mini-games and around 30 different game mechanics. I set the rules and structure of the entire game, designed the UI, the flow and delivered all final pieces of art.


This project helped me grow as a professional and made me focus on my career in UX/UI Design and UI Art.

“Miguel Angel is a talented & creative game designer, with many skills to recommend! He has a comprehensive knowledge of game mechanics accompanied by a deep understanding of player-reward systems. He also has a great eye for quality, with a strong concern for UI and menu ergonomics as well as presentation cohesions & standards. It's been a great pleasure working with this rising Spanish games star and I have no doubt he will experience great success in his next roles!”

 Graeme Williams - Senior Producer at Gerrilla Games



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