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In this page you will find a bunch of logos I created for some of my projects. They can also be found on the page of the relevant project.


'Goal Revolution Superstars' required a minimalist art style that could easily be produced and managed by a very small team.


As a reference, I used logos from racing games such as CSR; in this way I wanted to add visual value to the 'Goal Revolution Superstars' logo by making it look like a car brand. I used an acronym, rather than the full name, to balance the weight of the composition.

ai - logo_c.png


'El Intercambio de Barcelona' (ib) is a language exchange I organised in Barcelona to practise English and make new friends. I was looking for a friendly and young style that encouraged people to join. I also wanted to communicate the goal of the group (conversation) visually and highlight that it was a social event.



'Tens-sion' was a commission from a client who manufactures paddle racquets. Rather than developing a new logo from scratch, they wanted an illustration to fit their existing logo. The client provided me with some visual references and concept words such as: radical, intense, poison, danger, elegant, etc., which I used to create the final image.



'After Life' and 'Ra Digital Publishing' were part of the same project.



'Panda Boom!' and 'Unified Social Games' were part of the same Project.

'Panda Boom!' was the name of the game. The logo had to be explosive, dynamic and vivid; it had to correspond with the art style of the game (a fusion of Chinese paintings and manga) and include the concept of Pandas.

'Unified Social Games' was the name of the company. The intention was to bring a number of companies together to develop games for the social good; even though companies were individual entities, they would collaborate and pool their resources.



'A-Band' and 'Flammable Games' were part of the same project.

The 'A-Band' Logo had to convey the indie spirit of the Indie Rock panorama, communicate the energy of a drummer, and connect to the urban look of Rock Bands.

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