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Senior UX Designer


Travian Legends offered me the opportunity to challenge my skills as a UX Designer as never before. Travian: Legends' gameplay was more complex than any other game I had worked on before. I took ownership of the UX and provided simple solutions to the UX needs, not only for existing features but also for new ones.

As a Senior UX Designer I worked independently but very closely with the memers of my team, especially with the Senior Game Designer and Product Owner. We crafted a better UX experience by following a User Centred Design approach, which I promoted and successfully implemented in our workflow. I designed two major features: Trade Routes and Combat Simulator.

In addition to my duties on Travian Legends I always showed interest in - and actively reviewed games from - the other studios of the company and I ran usability tests and AB Tests. I promoted a redesign of the strategy and the look & feel of the company's website, analyzed our working environment from a UX point of view and mentored Junior Designers.



“I'm happy to had a chance to work with Miguel for over an entire year at TravianGames. While we worked together at Travian: Legends, he impressed me with his holistic approach to the company. When he saw something improvable he shared his feedback in a constructive and helpful way to whom it may concern.

His solutions were surprisingly simple and well thought through. After a few hours of work he had presentable approaches to the solvable issue. His way of keeping all information in a presentable view helped us to communicate his designs to the development team without great hassle.

He is be able to understand any problem your users have and is able to provide multiple solutions with a A/B-tested favorite. He for sure is a great match to any design team.

I wish him all the best for his new endeavors, and I will follow closely what his comic "After Life" will achieve.”

 Jakob Hombsch - Senior Game Designer at Travian Games




Promotional video

Stats Page

This is one of the several features I designed together with the Senior Game designer and the Product Owner of the game. The biggest challenge was about presenting useful information for average players and pro players, choose the right visualisation for each stat and present them dynamically when loading the page.

Combat Simulator

The Combat Simulator and the Reports worked together to show the overcome of a battle; while the Combat Simulator had a vertical layout (image on the left), the Combat Reports (image on the right) had a horizontal layout.


I promoted a redesign of both features so that both features shared the same layout. You can see that in the video. This new Combat Simulator was praised by the community as the most exciting feature of the 2018.


New Combat Simulator + reports


During my early steps working on Travian Legends I came up with some UX/UI concepts and redesigned the Landing Page with the only intention to increase usability and accessibility. I also designed a bunch of new features such as: a map to increase the feeling of progression, a chat feature to improve communication between players, etc.

Travian games_concept.jpg
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