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After 20 years of designing interfaces and improving the User Experience of more than 35 projects, I still feel the same intense passion for my profession. All these years bring calm and perspective and make me the professional in which became.

What I do the best

The UX process

This graphic breaks down the entire UX/UI process. Different parts of the process can be undertaken by different specialists such as the UX Designer, the UI Designer, the UI Artist, and so on. You may wonder which of these professionals I am. In one way I am none of them yet all of them because I can carry out the entire UX process on my own. Obviously it depends on the size of the project and I am always happy to collaborate with other UX/UI Designers and Artists. Teamwork is a lot more exciting than working alone.

UX process_0.jpg

User Research and Competition Research helps to direct the UX/UI process.

Identifing all the key screens and connecting them via a flow diagram helps to visualise the user journey.

UX process_1.jpg

Iterating to find the right layout for each key screen is essential. The goal is to find the layout that distributes the information and items in the most 

accessible and user friendly way.

Identifying all user cases, connecting them via wireframes and defining a consistent visual language across the whole user journey is key.

UX process_2.jpg

Making the interface interactive and testing it on a device to be sure that everything works as expected.

Trying out different artistic approaches in collaboration with the Art Team.

UX process_3.jpg

Drawing final quality assets.

Cutting out all the individual assets.

UX process_4.jpg

Delivering all the assets to the code team, following technical

specifications if 


Using motion graphics to preview transitions, effects, FX, Audio and feedbacks. Creating the experience you are looking for before the Code Team starts coding.

UX process_5.jpg

Testing the APP in order to find UX and UI issues and fixing them before release.

Happy users.

What's in my UX mind?

I like to combine my two professional passions: Design and Art. I think a good Interface has a good balance of both disciplines. My aim is always to create functional but also beautiful compositions.

What are my specialities?

How do I face UX challenges?


What do I care most about when I design?

My tools





& prototyping


Art Production


Video Editing


Game Engine




Development Tools


Collaboration Hub

Working as an employee...


"[...] Miguel stands out for his critical and constructive thinking and his abilit􏰃 to find simple solutions to comple􏰈 problems; his vision of users􏰅 behaviour (prior even an􏰃 t􏰃pe of user􏰅s feedback) and his understanding of videogame development made him a ke􏰃 member of the 􏰄Goal Revolution􏰅 Team.

His supporting aptitude, and his willingness to guide other members of the team, rapidl􏰃 added value to the whole compan􏰃. All this was made possible thanks to his notable communication skills that allow him to give comprehensive, constructive, and fair feedback to an􏰃 colleague, regardless of their field or seniorit􏰃.

Miguel􏰅s skills aren'􏰅t only􏰃􏰃 technical, artistic, or communicative, but also social; as Head of the UX & Art department he managed his responsibilities with clarity􏰃 and helped to build bonds of friendship among all members of his team as well as with other departments b􏰃 keeping the flow of communication constant and maintaining a positive mood among all members.”

 Alun Evans - CEO at FREEEVERSE S.L

 (extract from "Certificate of Employment")


"Since the day Miguel joined the team, he made the game improve in all ways possible. He demonstrated his seniority in UX/UI but also general mobile videogame development. 

I had been working with him for a year, implementing the UI he was designing. He made my job really straightforward with dozens of UX/UI Design Documents with definite designs and implementer-friendly guidelines.

Miguel addresses the designs prioritizing the user experience and iterates around it, being always receptive to feedback and suggestions.  

Miguel has been crucial for the development of the project. His experience and know-how about de video games industry pushed the game in the right direction. He took responsibilities beyond his obligations, designing new mechanics, and assuring the quality of the project. It would be highly valuable for any studio he joins in the future.r”

 Adrià Puigdellívol - Game Developer at FREEEVERSE S.L


“I had the great pleasure of working under Miguel supervision for one year, supervising my 2D and 3D art mostly.


Even he comes from a 2D background, he perfectly understands the workflow and complexity of the 3D process, giving new ideas, and proposing new methodologies if required. His feedback is always valuable.


He gives a lot of insights about why something works or doesn’t, coupled with his talent to enhance specific things that make significant changes in the final product.


Able to see the big picture, manage the art direction based on the project needs, and take care of the global aspect of the game. Miguel is the kind of person that creates good vibes in the team and help whatever is needed, easy to work with, open to new ideas, and also share his knowledge.”

 Ismael Teruel - 3D Artist at FREEVERSE S.L


“I'm happy to had a chance to work with Miguel for over an entire year at TravianGames. While we worked together at Travian: Legends, he impressed me with his holistic approach to the company. When he saw something improvable he shared his feedback in a constructive and helpful way to whom it may concern.

His solutions were surprisingly simple and well thought through. After a few hours of work he had presentable approaches to the solvable issue. His way of keeping all information in a presentable view helped us to communicate his designs to the development team without great hassle.

He is be able to understand any problem your users have and is able to provide multiple solutions with a A/B-tested favorite. He for sure is a great match to any design team.

I wish him all the best for his new endeavors, and I will follow closely what his comic "After Life" will achieve.”

 Jakob Hombsch - Senior Game Designer at Travian Games


“(...) Through his conceptional, creative and logical thinking, he found excellent solutions to all emerging problems (...) Even under great pressure he kept his grasp on the situation, acted thoughtfully and accomplished all tasks well (...) Mr. Lozano Aleman's approach to his work was always well planned, systematic and result oriented. He always worked dependably and very accurately. In all situations he achieved satisfactory results and met our expectations in the best possible manner”

 Tobias Severin - Executive Producer at Deep Silver FISHLABS

 ("Certificate of Employment at DSFishlabs")

“(...) During this time I found Miguel to be a very talented and hardworking UI/UX Designer with extensive knowledge of UI design and games in general. But above all I got to really appreciate Miguels can-do attitude and his prowess to develop a vision and take it from concept to final implementation with great attention to detail and passion. All of the traits described above make Miguel a genuine pleasure to work with and a great asset for every company.”

Christian Oberle - Lead Game Designer at Deep Silver FISHLABS

"Working with Miguel on Angry Birds Go! was a true pleasure. Miguel's skills, imagination and ability to dream via design are amazing. He's a very talented UI/UX artist and I'm lucky to say I had the opportunity to work with him"

 Rosario Basilotta - Head of Game Design at The Workshop

"I worked with Miguel midway through the development of Angry Birds Go!, guiding the user experience and interface design from the game's soft launch forward. Miguel is a hard worker and exceptionally fast in iteration and execution, masters the user-centered design and, most importantly, really cares. He's capable of thinking outside of the box, and great company for sparring over ideas and concepts."

 Martin Gimpl - Senior Interaction Designer at Rovio Entertainment Ltd

“Miguel Angel is a talented & creative Game Designer, with many skills to recommend! He has a comprehensive knowledge of game mechanics accompanied by a deep understanding of player-reward systems. He also has a great eye for quality, with a strong concern for UI and menu ergonomics as well as presentation cohesions & standards. It's been a great pleasure working with this rising Spanish games star and I have no doubt he will experience great success in his next roles!”

 Graeme Williams - Senior Producer at Gerrilla Games

“Miguel Angel is a great professional and you can always expect the best from him. Thanks to his creativity, could solve design problems in many ways but always in a imaginative manner, and always respecting the limitations of the platforms on which we were working. So, good co-worker with excellent communication skills.”

Javier Calet Toledo - Expert Tech Programmer at Ubisoft

“He's dedicated, imaginative, and likes mutual collaboration; he's always wishing to improve all posible aspects of a game”

 Mario Rodriguez Palomino - Senior Programmer at Gameloft

Working as a Freelancer

“It was a pleasure working with Miguel Angel. He is creative, result oriented and great advisor. He took the lead and help manage the external art team. We will gladly work with him again.”

 Julio Hidalgo Delgado - Founder and CEO at Bliss Games

“(...) Miguel is a very passionate person with his UX work on any given project but also has a huge interest in the work made by the rest of the team. He takes a genuine interest into all aspects of the project with the goal of making the game a better product.

Recently we both had the opportunity to work together again, this time for Bliss Games, as remote freelancers. 

Miguel acted as my Art Manager during the production of assets. He made sure I always knew what needed worked on, provided concepts, gave feedback as and when I needed it and he gave clear Art Direction with his feedback via paintovers. The process was made very smooth due to his involvement.

Miguel is a true professional, his creativity, his knowledge of the art pipeline, his understanding of how games are made, even down to being friendly and approachable and always willing to help really make him stand out among others. I would recomend miguel to any team and hope we get a chance to work on more projects together again in the future

 Paul Banister - 3D Character Artist (Freelance)

“I remember working with Miguel as a very nice experience. It is the perfect partner for challenging projects. He is committed to excellence and his passion and talent make him a great team member.”

 Gabriel Palomino - iOS Developer - Designer - Freelancer


“We got Miguel´s contact from a friend who previously worked with him. I was looking for an experienced UX/UI Designer who could advice us with solid feedback and help us to improve our website. We didn’t want to change everything but improve what we had without affecting our brand identity. We couldn’t see what was wrong with our design, but Miguel did. He clearly understood our needs and came up with solutions to the website issues. Thanks to Miguel’s professional advice, our website looked sharper and more intuitive.  His approach was always communicative and open to dialogue. As a client I couldn’t be happier and I do recommend him. I would gladly hire him again”

 Maria Montaña - Founder, Owner and Director of Dolcevento


"I hired Miguel to work on my App as a UX/UI designer and UI Artist. I was looking for a clear and simple flow as well as an appealing art style. Despite the fact that project was cancelled, during the time I worked with him he proved to reach high standards and have a brilliant understanding of the user experience. His willingness and ability to understand my ideas made the entire design process a breeze. On top of that, his approachable personality made things easy and build up a very enjoyable and professional relationship based on direct communication and trust. If you need someone who is able to turn complex designs into a user friendly and visually appealing design then look no further. I highly recommend his services."

 Imran Ali - Front End Developer at Syndicut

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