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Inconsistent UI

I really enjoyed playing "King of Thieves" I think the idea is pretty cool (borrowed from meat boy probably) and gameplay is fun; however there are 2 things I would make diferent:

1 - One of the UX rules I follow when I design interfaces is: "do not move the UI elements" Moving UI elements makes our designs inconsistent and less accessible.

These two screenshots show the same UI element (little trophy and personal score) on two different places, quite far from each other. I see why "Zeptolab" did that, they probably wanted to clean up a little bit the map from the Landing Screen, but is it really needed? I played the game and feels like there is enough room to scroll the map even with that UI element at the top right corner. Personal, I would go for a consistent design and keep the UI element always at the top right corner.

2 - One about semantics. Why am I tapping on the word "attack" to go to the map? I am not really attacking, I am visiting my map. In addition to that, I think the icon is self-explanatory, the word "attack" is not needed :)

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