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Unnecessary Sequence / WiiMote Controls

I really like Nintendo games, however sometimes I can't avoid to feel some anger when playing them. Last Zelda is a good example. Let's see:

- When the player collects a new item, there is small sequence where Link shows off the item. Also there is a popup with information about the object. This is a common thing in Zelda and it is alright... unfortunately this sequence is repeated over and over again.

I don't get why Nintendo thinks it is a good idea to see the same sequence every first time I collect the same item in a new game session? I mean... I know what it is, I know what it is for. I was told just one one game session ago. Also if I need to know about the item again, I could go to the menu - where my items are stored - and read exactly the same description.

- In addition to that, for those who don't know, the text is fading in (word by word). It takes about 4 seconds to complete the text sequence and you are going to see this sequence a good bunch of times if you complete the game.

Why can't I just jump the text sequence? Wouldn't be better to have the choice to complete this text sequence by tapping on the "A" button once? So I don't need to wait. Nintendo believes we have to read the text every time. Why? Dunno. Very annoying...

I am not gonna mention how little intuitive the controls are. They just feel wrong to me. Just one quick example:

- In many games the trigger of the WiiMote is used to load a weapon; if the player holds the trigger, the player can target an enemy pointing at the screen with the WiiMote and use "A" to shoot. When the player releases the trigger, the character hides the weapon. Quick and easy. Is like that in Skyward? Nope! Instead, the player has to press & release the trigger to load the weapon and press & release again to hide it. It just feels little intuitive to me. In addition to that, Zelda Skyland uses "hold the trigger" to bring the menu with all your loadable weapons.

I made so many mistakes because of this system (specially when and enemy is attacking you) Maybe it is me? I may be too used to the other system... but this makes me think: if things are working nicely with one system, why do you change it?

Despite all that, I still think Nintendo are the best :)

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