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Too much visual complexity

I am currently playing Pudding Monsters, last game from the Studio Zeptolab. They also made "Cut the Rope" and "King of Thieves". They have a nice portfolio :)

The art style of the "Pudding Monsters" is very nice, clean and very friendly to the eye. Just one action is needed to control the gameplay: swipe. Perfect kind of game for a Mobile Device I think. Menus are easy to surf too; however from my point of view menus feel a little bit messy.

Zeptolab faded all the levels in order to show the background of each episode. I agree it is nice to see the background, however fading all the buttons increases the visual complexity of the scene making available levels and unavailable levels look too similar and harder to identify at a glance. Plus it creates a lot of visual noise everywhere where where buttons and background merge.

In addition to that, the camera zooms out when changing Episodes. This is a really cool idea indeed, unfortunately everything looks even messier when transition are happening...

I am wondering whether wouldn't be better to had a few more screens for each episode, reduce the number of levels per screen in order to have room in-between levels to allow the player see the background. Also adding more levels of "zoom out" and keep the buttons opaque instead?

Maybe it does´t work that great but I think everything would look more clean and accessible :)

I may be a little bit picky with this one, but I just feel there is little difference between the stars I got and the ones I haven't. I would probably do it in the other way around indeed. The ones I have got would be lighted up and the ones I haven't, would be faded out. I think this way would communicate better that the player got something. Also it would be more consistent with the main menus I think.

BTW, this is a good game. Give it a chance. I am having fun :)

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