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Shop Menus

I'll be updating this post as I do more research



  • You can easily highlight the items by changing the colour and/or adding extra labels

  • Easy to change the position in the queue based on your needs

  • Easy to add new items

  • This design works fine on any device, whatever it is the screen size of the device

  • Visually it is very appealing


  • Items are hidden

  • The developer relays on the user swipping the queue to the end

  • You can not fit too many objects on the screen due to its size

Mars: Mars

The bar at the bottom between the item and the price feels too intrusive to me. I think it would be nicer to have this information within the selected button

Rayman Adventures

Highlight how they used complementary colours to create contrast and stand out the items and labels

Odd Wings

I quite like the quality of the icons really stand out thanks to their size and quality. One point for the artist :)

Allen Creeps



  • Very functional and accessible

  • Easy to compare products

  • People are used to read information within a table


  • Not very exciting

  • Adding new items may require a re-design of the layout and/or add pages

  • The developer relays too much on the player buying an item just because they need it as they don't look very appealing

  • You can not fit too many objects on the screen

Bullet Boy

From my personal point of view, the menu looks far too simple

Pudding Monsters

Despite it is not super exciting, the designers made good use of the available room and made a simple menu look beautiful and appealing

Allen Creeps

This is just very appealing :)



  • Same than Scrollable

  • Same than Buttons


  • Same than Scrollable

  • Same than Buttons

  • It is not really a con but I prefer just one system to interact with one men. It may be quite personal

Tinny Bombers

Special mention the presentation of the collectables at the bottom. this is a nice combination of two kinds of Menu



  • Tidiness

  • Functionality

  • People are used to read information from lists

  • Perfect for games with many items because items don't need over too much room of the screen

  • Perfect for games that need their icons to be explained


  • Some items may be hidden

  • Not ugly, but it is not the most appealing look for a Shop either. Still a list of items

NonStop Knight

I really like the way they split the screen and kept showing the gameplay. It is like watching TV while looking for other channel on a Smart TV. Clever :)

Hocus Puzzle

Very clean design. I quite like the art of this game. Bigpoint did a good job :)

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